Going Far (Too Fast)

I have little patience for people denying science. Unless you are in the middle of some wilderness wearing skins of animals you've killed using your bare arms, everything surrounding you is direct result of work of generations and generations of scientists. Buildings, cars, roads, affordable food, safe drinking water, electricity and many more wouldn't be possible unless thousands of dedicated people would succeed in cracking the code of nature. If you're reading this on an iPhone and you're anti-waxer, climate change denier, proponent of socialistic economic order, or afraid of any other truth exposed by science, you should drop your favorite Apple device immediately since in your hands there's the devil itself. The iPhone is the pinnacle of western science and is only made possible because of quantum theory (electronic chip), theory of relativity (GPS), chemistry (battery), number theory (encryption), and myriad of other scientific advancements that are for all practical purposes indistinguishable from magic (and therefore frightening to most people). You certainly don't deserve to use such magical thing while simultaneously bashing work of so many brave people that made it possible!

The success of science is entirely due to lack of any dogmas. There's nothing holy in science and everything we hold as truth today might completely change tomorrow. I'm therefore certainly not saying people should blindly trust everything science has put forward. On the contrary, the more we question the science the stronger it becomes. So, while I really lack patience for people proposing stupid alternatives to science (think homeopathy), I think these people are asking the right questions that science is not yet able to answer. In particular questions that advanced medicine (and neuroscience in particular) is opening recently, will have to be much better explained to the general public unless we want to experience a backlash from people who are completely lost in this day and age. An African proverb comes to my mind (again)

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Photo by Joel Tonyan