The Best need the Best

A few days back I got together with some friends and our discussion somehow turned to the issue of Slovenes going abroad. Some in the group held a view that highly-educated Slovenes looking for greener pastures elsewhere are a loss for our country since the investment in their education will be reaped by others. The rest of the group disagreed and posited that somebody who grew up in Slovenia will never be able to cut ties with home and that she or he will always act as a bridge that will make everybody more successful.

I firmly belong to the second group. In my opinion we should actively encourage our best people to work and compete with the best in the world. Preferably that means bringing the best people from abroad to Slovenia. Unfortunately, that's rarely possible and our best minds must go abroad in order maximize their potential. The only way for Slovenia to loose is to put a highly capable Slovene in an environment full of incompetent people (it doesn't really matter if these people are Slovenes or not). Such set up only breeds frustration and makes everybody miserable and unsuccessful. But when a Slovene succeeds abroad we will always have a stake in it despite us not having any influence on their success. People such as Goran Dragić, Anže Kopitar, and Jure Leskovec are a vivid demonstration what is possible when the best are with the best even if you're born in Koseze, Hrušica, or Šentjošt.

Photo by Michael