Transport is a Trillion Dollars Opportunity

One of better fortunes in my life is that I can call Violeta Bulc my friend. I first met her in 1999, I worked for her between 2002 and 2004, and stayed in contact with her ever since. Her meteoric rise last year from relative obscurity to the post of European Commissioner for Transport didn't really come us a surprise to me knowing her capabilities and determination once she sets something as her goal. The thing that sets Violeta apart from most other people is that despite her engineering background she has the most developed intuition of all the people I know. In that regard I find it extremely telling that she accepted the post of transport commissioner, a field she knew little about up until recently.

I think Violeta intuitively feels transportation is one of the industries most ripe for complete disruption in the next decade or two. Can you imagine that in the age of smartphones there still exists taxis driving around aimlessly, in the age of personalization we still have 50-seat buses as the main public transportation backbone for rural and suburban areas, and in the age of robotic cars we still consider a car as a status symbol? Very few people are more suitable to spearhead the transformation that information technology is about to bring to venerable field of transportation than Violeta who not only has deep understanding of IT (Nokia 9000 Communicator was her trademark already in 1999), but excellent feeling for people and systems. I expect companies such as Uber, GoOpti, Tesla, and Google to completely transform how we commute and travel sooner than we imagine. They will have a highly competent partner in Brussels, indeed.