Changing Times, Changing Blog

I got stuck at home with a flu for the better part of last week. Lying on my couch gave me ample time to think, so I seized the down time to finalize my thinking what to do about this blog going forward. For quite some time now I have a feeling that the present form of this blog works neither for me nor for my readers and that bigger changes are required. This blog started three years ago in a very different circumstances. At that time I was heading our engineering team and we only had an office in New York. Consequently my mornings were quite relax as there wasn't yet a horde of Americans typing emails the whole night that floods my inbox in the morning nowadays. Without a quiet time in the morning I don't have any suitable writing slot anymore and squeezing in a time to write in my busy schedule everyday has become quite a big source of anxiety.

The form of this blog was modeled after Fred's It was two to three paragraphs describing some new finding, learning, technology, or thought in my head. This form worked well when I was still writing mostly about engineering matters. But last spring I took on the role of head of product development and consequently also the subjects of my blog posts changed completely. If before I could draw on my 20+ years of software development experience, I was writing lately mostly about my adventures in the beautiful world of product development and online advertising. Lacking first hand experience and in-depth knowledge in these fields my writing often felt superfluous given all the great resources already available online.

So I decided that I won't be writing posts on this blog every work day anymore as was the case for the past three years. I love writing and I consider it an essential skill that needs to be practiced on a regular basis. So I plan to continue writing but in substantially altered form. I might not do it in a regular cadence and I might choose entirely different form, but I'm pretty sure I haven't said the last word on this blog just yet.

Photo by Mario Mancuso