17 Years Later!

Some good news awaited me yesterday in my inbox. My lawyer has informed me that also a higher court has confirmed the verdict in the longstanding legal dispute that I got involved not because of any of my action but simply because I'm a heir of an executive who did some right things 17 years ago but confronted along the way some naive, ignorant, and but very greedy people that got way more power than they could handle in the Cowboy days of Slovenian stock exchange (think Davorin Sadar type of characters). Almost exactly 14 years to the day my father died, the issue that has caused my mother quite some grief, is finally put to rest.

My father was an executive for as long as I can remember. Consequently I learned at a tender age not just the benefits of having a father with executive salary but also drawbacks of carrying executive responsibility. There are only three types of people who can bear such responsibility; stupid people, unscrupulous people and people with great self-confidence. The first two types should never held any executive position! But the people of third type don't come cheap, because they are not only self-confident of their capabilities but also about their worth. Think about this the next time you'll complain about "exaggerated" executive compensations!