Je Suis Charlie

Religion is a lie, an illusion with a sole purpose to provide people with an escape from reality of their existence. The exact opposite of religion are arts and science whose ultimate goal is to find truth and discern reality from fiction. The vantage point of arts and science is ignorance and the ultimate objective understanding. The vantage point of religion is fear and the final ambition to receive the gift of believing. Yesterday's carnage at Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris has viscerally demonstrated how much at odd is religion with arts and science.

Two days before Christmas I attended the funeral of Prof. Janko Jamnik who was murdered in circumstances that are not yet understood. While Prof. Jamnik's scientific contributions are widely known and celebrated, it's less well known that he was also a very religious person. His funeral, a dignified event indeed, followed a strict Christian protocol but which was nonetheless interspersed with frequent references to his scientific work. The opposition of the Christian liturgy and rational though, so much present at Prof. Jamnik's funeral, still bewilders me for weeks now, since the funeral felt like being present at the same time in the distant past of middle ages and far future of nanoscientific miracles.