Cloud Revolution

Unbeknownst to laypeople a revolution is brewing in the clouds which is about to transform our society in the 21st century as profoundly as mass production did in the 20th century and which will hopefully destroy the edifice of bureaucracy that introduction of mass production brought about. And by bureaucracy I don't mean just accounting and bookkeeping, but also marketing, finance, legal and other white collar jobs that become required in order to sell massive quantities of mass produced goods. Actually, the nucleus of modern corporations (manufacturing) was outsourced to China over the past couple of decades and modern corporations are now 100% bureaucracy.

The cloud revolution is actually not about computers or software but about standardizing and automating services across organizations just like modern supply chain management enabled standardization of interchangeable parts across vendor ecosystem. What was lacking before and cloud computing is now beginning to enable is the common virtual space that enables passing of artifacts between various service vendors. Without such common virtual space outsourcing of services is as futile as outsourcing manufacturing would be if each vendor would live in a separate universe with slightly different rules of physics.

Photo by Dan DeLuca