2209 Hours

I keep a detailed log of my working hours. I'm not doing it because it would be required to do so at Zemanta (it's not) but because it enables me to analyze my work habits and to strike better work-life balance. So for the third year in a row (see my 2012 and 2013 updates) I was able to look back and report that in 2014 I logged 2209 working hours or 8 hours and 46 minutes on average per day. That's 134 hours more than the year before and approximately the sames as in 2012.

My job description has changed again in 2014. If 2012 was mostly about developing software and 2013 mostly about building a team, in 2014 I took over responsibility for product development at Zemanta. Product development is all about learning and communicating, with both activities taking lots of time. Consequently I don't expect this year to be more relaxing in any way. On the contrary, the good times are rolling in the USA at the moment (I hope it will stay like that at least through the end of this year) which makes it a great time for startups. Furthermore, the competition is brewing in our space of native/content demand side platforms so I expect an exciting year!

Photo by geatanku