Mind the Product - San Francisco

Coming from the field of software engineering I find it as quite surprising the lack of conferences targeted at product managers. In engineering there's a bunch of outstanding conferences such as QCon or Velocity where people can upgrade their skills and meet like minded people to share experience. Also the field of user experience has a few interesting events and trainings available such as Lean UX NYC or UX Week. But in the field of product management there were only a few local events addressing the particular needs of product people. But fortunately the situation is changing. productcamp and ProductTank are growing horizontally to more and more cities, while Mind The Product is about to stage the first conference in San Francisco after several highly successful events held in London.

The early bird tickets for Mind The Product San Francisco sold out in 2 seconds! Obviously there's a great need among product people to expand our knowledge and capabilities. The program of the conference is not yet know, but if the program of past events held in London can be of any guidance, it will be very compelling. And since San Francisco and Silicon valley are places where some of the most successful products of all times were born, my expectations run extremely high. That's why I feel very fortunate that I'm one of the lucky ones who already have the tickets for the event :)

Photo by Roo Reynolds