Jure Making It Big

A month ago we organized a meetup of alumni of Faculty of Computer and Information Science of University of Ljubljana. The guest of honor was Jure Leskovec, assistant professor of Computer Science at Stanford University. We invited Jure not just because he's a one of the most prominent and successful members of our alumni club, but also because he's a magnet for audience. His last talk in Slovenia attracted more than 300 people and we were pretty certain his appearance will attract many people to attend our meetup just to see him. But three days before the meetup we've received a message from Jure:

The moment I landed at Ljubljana airport I got the message from Marissa Mayer to meet her in person on Friday. I'm deeply sorry about it.

You don't say no to Marissa! Even more so if she's interested in buying your startup. Jure delivered a great talk nonetheless over a video conference and I eagerly awaited for Jure's big news to become public.

Which it did yesterday! In the end Jure sold his startup to Pinterest, not Yahoo. While financial details of the acquisition are not public, I've heard Jure made a very nice exit and he is primed for even bigger exit once Pinterest does an IPO. I think this is great news not just for Jure personally, but for the whole Slovenian startup ecosystem. Knowing Jure, I'm sure he'll pay it forward in myriad ways!