Up or Out

Some 19 years ago, in an act of youthful rebellion, I've decided to find a full-time job. My friend Darko Butina worked at that time at a company called Monolit and he told me about a job opening there. Geographic information systems sounded interesting so I went for an interview with Matjaž Hribar, Monolit's founder and CEO. I don't remember much from the interview but one thing stuck with me fresh as if the interview would take place yesterday. Matjaž, seeing it's my first regular job, took some time and explained to me some basics about being successful at work. He said:

In a job it's up or out. You can either become better at what you do, take more responsibility, or become more helpful to the company in some other way; or it's time for you to leave the company and make room for somebody more capable and driven.

Matjaž's words made a lasting impression on me and have been my guideline for the rest of my career. It has been also a framework I've used to judge performance of others as I believe that stagnant employees lead to stagnant companies and a stagnant company is a dying company.

Photo by Wasim Muklashy