Being Responsive

Eight months ago when we started building the reporting dashboard to support operations of Zemanta Content DSP, I've insisted on not giving administrative privileges to Andraž. This is a bit strange given the fact that Andraž is our CTO and in principle should have access to all technology. But Andraž is not just Zemanta's CTO but also wears a hat of head of customer success team (ad ops for short) which was the reason I was reluctant to give him access. A head of ad ops is focused on solving immediate issues of our customers and has therefore little patience for the consistency of product. In addition a head of ad ops is really not in a position to say no to a customer. If it's possible to do it and an (important) customer requests it, it will be done no matter what.

But Andraž is a CTO nonetheless. If he would want it, Andraž the CTO could easily bent my arm and gain administrative rights that Andraž the head of adops would need in order to fulfill a request of some important client. Today I've learned why it was possible to avoid such scenario from happening for the past six months. As revealed to me by Andraž this morning it was very fast response time of product people in implementing requests that can only be done through administrative interface that made sustaining such set up possible. If head of ad ops would be forced to wait for too long for something to happen, he'd use his CTO superpowers and get what he wants.

Being very responsive is a good approach when dealing with all people who have superpowers, not just CTOs.