Changing the World of Marketing for the Better

This year I took over responsibility for product development at Zemanta and since we are in the advertising industry, I had to start learning more about advertising also myself. Consequently you can expect more advertising and marketing related posts here, since my blog is a reflection of my professional interests. I'm pretty sure I will loose quite many of my loyal readers who followed my blog due to my engineering and technological rumblings and I'm sorry to see you go. But development of products for the advertising industry is my life now and the change will reflect also on this blog.

I never was a fan of advertising industry and especially of the people involved. I know how boring their work is, all the long hours they put in, and how miserable their paychecks are, so to me all their competitions and glamorous events seemed extremely phoney. Of course, I loved to attend all these events in the past since they were chock-full of pretty girls, but even that is changing as start-ups have taken over as the coolest thing in town and pretty girls and cool boys are now found at tech meetups and startup competitions. Nevertheless, advertising is a huge business and the one that's paying the bills to keep the Internet running. If you're into a start-up business, there's a very likely chance that the service you're developing will be monetized through advertising and if that's the case you better start learning more about it. Additionally, advertising is a 500 billion dollars industry and the one in dire need of disruption, which makes it a fertile ground for start-ups.

My hope is that we, the engineers, will be able to change the world of marketing for the better, before the world of advertising corrupts us. It would be a shame if we would let that happen.