Marketing Automation

If you are a financial or marketing person and you've read my blog post yesterday, you might feel as a pinnacle of civilization today (as Darko so eloquently put it in the comments). And if you're an engineer, my post might have made you feel like a dinosaur on the edge extinction or at least irrelevance. Well, it might very well be that the current set up is just temporary and that engineers will soon have their comeback while the heydays of finance and marketing are already behind us. Namely, there are a bunch of technologies (e.g. bitcoin) and start-ups (e.g. Nanigans) trying to automate the world of finance and marketing, thus making most of financial and marketing people obsolete.

While automation in financial world is well known (for example, large majority of transactions on stock exchanges these days are executed by semi-autonomous bots), marketing has so far eluded automation for the most part and the state-of-the-art technology used by marketing people is still an email client and a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. If you don't believe me, just turn on television in prime time and marvel at the fact that in the year 2014 you still get served ads for the things you absolutely will never buy. But the things are quickly changing also in the marketing world. Google and Facebook have brought the automation to the world of advertising and now, slowly but surely, they push automation on the world of media agencies and big brand advertisers assisted by numerous ad tech companies (Zemanta included). While Google and Facebook still lack a little bit of power on their side (together Google and Facebook account for 10% of total advertising spend in the world), their market share is growing quickly and they see automation and advanced optimization as a huge competitive advantage compared to traditional media.

It might take some time but I can already envision a day a marketing person wakes up all sweaty and shaky exclaiming: "Oh, shit, engineers took over my world!"