Just Say Yes to Everything

Yesterday I got to participate at yet another sales call. But contrary to other calls where I was only listening, I was supposed to have a more active role in this one, since our sales people wanted to use me as a technology expert to strengthen their case for this high-value customer of ours. Just before the call our sales people pulled me aside and told me:

Whatever they ask for just say yes. Even if it's not really on our roadmap, say it will be eventually.

Our sales people obviously have a history of relationship with engineers and product people that made them think I needed to hear such an instruction before the call not to derail closing the deal.

The call went very well. We were dealing with a sophisticated client who had a clear idea what he expects from content marketing in general and content distribution in particular. But our product roadmap already includes development of technology needed to fulfill customer's request, so I was able not only to say yes to every customer's request but actually extend customer's line of thinking even further by sharing our experience and product plans.

I'm pretty sure the next time around our sales people won't feel the need to pull me aside and instruct me how to behave on a sales call :)