You Seem to Need a lot of Motivation

Yesterday, as I was preparing numbers for a monthly status update for engineers on the state of the product and company that we have today, I've found out that I couldn't get a handle on the amount of sales bookings for one of our products, since we have changed the way we handle this information in our system last month. We already have a story defined in our backlog to fix the sales booking issue, so I immediately saw an opportunity to additionally motivate engineers to work on the issue by explaining them my problem. Upon hearing my plan, Andraž casually remarked: 

You seem to need a lot of motivation.

that got me thinking that I really talk about motivation a lot.

I always considered the problem of why do something to be greater than how to do it. I remember well the Mobvis project where we were able to solve extremely difficult scientific and engineering problems, but in three years and a half we couldn't come with a compelling reason why would anybody need the technology we were developing. Therefore I consider one of the essential responsibilities of the product managers to keep records of the examples where a particular functionality is requested by users or would solve users' problems, and to use this information to motivate everybody involved in product development that they are solving real problems and making people's lives better along the way.