Raising Funds for Kano Programming Workshop for Underprivileged Kids

Santa will come early this year for some twenty underprivileged Slovenian kids. A group of younger faculty of computer science of University of Ljubljana plan to organize in the fall a workshop where they will teach the kids from poor families basic computer skills and essentials of programming. But since these kids cannot expect to find the latest iPad under the Christmas tree, the organizers of the workshop are organizing a fund raising to buy each of the children a Kano computer and a display, so that kids can continue practicing what they will be learning at the workshop also at home.

I'm using this blog post to ask you to contribute money also yourself. Even 5 euros will come handy, but preferably you can donate more. All the details how to donate are described on a web page


which includes also more information about the workshop.

We, software developers and other computer professionals are amongst the most privileged parts of society today and I'm pretty sure that each of us remembers like it was yesterday the day we got our first computer. Let's make sure that these 20 children will always remember receiving their first computer in 2014. Donate today!