The lovely ladies behind the have a new project going aimed at disrupting local IT job search market. Which is anemic at best or non-existent at worst. All the recruiters are incompetent and the few on-line places that exists (Slo-Tech, are run by amateurs and without a serious business intent. But as we know from the other side of the pond the recruitment of programmers has become a huge business and all the companies that found a way to developers (e.g. Stack Exchange, LinkedIn) are making tons of money nowadays. At the moment Slovenian job market for programmers is pretty balanced but I expect it to heat up soon as the economic crisis finally comes to an end. And once the competition for programmers becomes more fierce, a site such as can really prosper.

The interesting thing about site is that it is in English even though it has listed only Slovenian companies at the moment. Knowing Gaja I know their ambitions go beyond the borders of Slovenia. First, their stated aim is to connect the best talent anywhere in the world with Slovenian start-up ecosystem. Second, I'm pretty sure the will expand at least to Croatia very soon with other countries in the region following soon. Job search across internal borders of the European Union is still nascent but that will definitely start changing as borders are increasingly torn down also in the minds of the Europeans and not just at the border crossings.

So if you're looking for a new job or contemplating a change, go ahead and checkout There are 71 jobs from 30 employers waiting for you at the moment which shows that Gaja and Nataša did a great job at building initial demand needed to kickstart the IT job marketplace.