Some time ago a few of us at Zemanta initiated a skunkworks project of setting our own publisher. At that time we were dealing a lot with publishers but we couldn't really connect with them. We had the idea that we could better understand them if we would have to deal also ourselves with the problems publishers are facing such as creating and curating content, attracting readers, and earning money from advertising. Our endeavor ended on the first hurdle of creating original content. While the editorial board managed to get together a few times, content creation (i.e. writing interesting stories) didn't really go according to our expectations. Eventually the enthusiasm faded and we abandoned the project.

We called our media Punkdraft and it should have published short drafts of cyberpunk stories set 20 years from now describing our predictions how current technological and social trends will evolve over the span of the next two decades. While our plans didn't pan out as expected, I wrote a story that I find worth publishing nonetheless. Therefore I'm creating a subsection of this blog called Punkdraft for this story to have a home. I hope you'll like it.