Letter to My Younger Self

In about an hour I'll deliver a commencement speech to graduates of computer science at University of Ljubljana. While commencement is much less pompous and important event here in Slovenia than it is in the States, it's a big honor nonetheless to have a chance to share your wisdoms with fresh graduates. The little problem I was facing in the past couple of days as I was trying to come up with the text of the speech is that I don't think I can dispense much of an advice to these young people beyond what was already said in the famous "Wear Sunscreen" fake commencement speech.

It might be due to the fact that I don't find myself much smarter or wiser than when I was seventeen. On the contrary, at that age we read Baudelaire and studied Beckett and contemplating the mysteries of relativity and biology. The activities I've had seldom a chance to do later in my life. Over the years I did become an expert in a few matters related to software development, but this was me going deeper not expanding my horizons much. And I don't think I'm something special in my generation, too. I don't see any of my colleagues from high school, all extremely bright individuals, reaching any higher plateau of intelligence and understanding. Yes, they've become successful doctors, architects, lawyers, but in many ways their best years were gone a long time ago.

But don't worry. I've managed to come up with the text of speech. I hope the students will like it and that professors won't be too upset by it. I'll post it tomorrow here, for you to see and comment.