Product Manager's Responsibilities at Zemanta

We have 7 product managers at Zemanta (three years ago we had none!) taking care of various aspects of our two products. The scope of responsibilities of a product manager at Zemanta is quite broad and to have them clearly communicated to everybody we've written them down. These responsibilities are

  1. Analyze market & competitors
  2. Define product requirements
  3. Write and prioritize user stories
  4. Work with engineers
  5. Authorize feature releases
  6. Shape business processes
  7. Communicate /w stakeholders
  8. Analyze product performance
  9. Eat your own dog food

Over the course of next couple of weeks I plan to describe each of the responsibilities in greater detail. I'm pretty sure having such detailed information will come handy not just to us internally at Zemanta, but to many other product organizations.

And if you think something is missing on this list (or shouldn't be there), please let me know in the comments.