Moving to Squarespace

For the past year and the half this blog lived on a self-hosted Wordpress on Hetzner. While such set up offers a lot of extensibility, everything worked quite slow with occasional hiccups. I didn't invest enough time to really find out if the problem is with Wordpress or Hetzner, but since I don't like Wordpress anyway due to its cluttered user inteface I've decided to move to Squarespace, a migration I've implemented over the passing weekend.

I was hearing good things about Squarespace for quite some time now. But only recently I got to know this content management system more intimately as we're contemplating at Zemanta to move our web page to this platform, so that our product managers can handle the web page all by themselves without the need for involvement of engineers. Before doing this move, I wanted to try Squarespace myself so that I can be certain that Squarespace is powerful enough for our needs. I've come away impressed as I could replicate almost all the functionality of my Wordpress set up in Squarespace  through a very intuitive (once you forget the legacy of Wordpress) interface - it's really no wonder that non-technical product managers love it.

Please let me know in the comments what's your opinion about this change and notify me if something isn't working or isn't available. And if you're following my blog through RSS, you'll have to update the feed URL.