Go Lang

A few months ago we've decided that we will rewrote a part of essential infrastructure that powers Zemanta. Since this part of infrastructure will have to handle many thousands of requests per second picking Python (our programming language of choice) was not a straightforward decision. So our engineers spent a few weeks studying different options and at the end chose Go language as a foundation to build the new system. After learning the language for two months and after already writing quite some code, our engineers decide to come out today by organizing the first Go lang meet-up in Slovenia.

Picking a new language is always a courageous decision and I give kudos to our engineers for their brave choice. I was not involved in decision making and I have very little knowledge of Go language myself, so I have no idea whether they've made a sensible choice (I'll be judging them on the results). But based on the feedback from the Slovenian developer community, it seems they've made the right choice. Among the people that applied to tonight's meetup, I've spotted many prominent programmers who used to frequent Ruby and Scala communities up to recently. While popularity is not always a good proxy for quality of decision, it's very important when picking a programming language. If the programming language isn't "cool" (and consequently popular) it's hard to get people learn it, it's hard to recruit programmers fluent in it, and it's hard to get help when needed. The very positive response of Slovenian programmer's community to Go language is giving me confidence that Zemanta has yet again managed to bring something fresh into our somewhat stuffy Slovenia. Now my hopes are that our engineers will not spend their days just discussing the right Go programming patterns, but also deliver the features our product needs.