Alumni UL FRI invites you to a lecture by Jure Leskovec

Jure Leskovec is an assistant professor of Computer Science at Stanford University and world class expert on social networks. Jure is also an alumni of Faculty of computer and information science (FRI) of University of Ljubljana, a fact of which we are all very proud. At Alumni UL FRI we have one great announcement to make. Jure has accepted our invitation and he'll deliver a lecture at our yearly meetup that will take place on Friday, December 19th. Jure's lecture will start at 6pm but you're very much welcome to come to 113 Večna pot, Ljubljana already at 5pm since there will be guided tours of the new building of Faculty of computer and information science organized. After Jure's lecture a social event is planned to let current and past students and professors of computer science meet and make new connections.

The event is free of charge for current students of FRI but requires registration. At Alumni UL FRI we want students to learn about our alumni association and its benefits early, so that they become our loyal members once they graduate. For members of Alumni UL FRI the registration fee is 10EUR (+1EUR of Eventbrite costs) and this fee will be used in its entirety to buy drinks and food for all participants (including students). Please register early and make sure you get your seat (Jure's very popular guy around here and his lectures are usually sold out).