The Death of a Headmaster

A headmaster and a mathematics professor at a high school in city of Maribor in northeastern Slovenia were secretly videotaped by pupils while having sex in the office. The pupils later published the video of the incident on social networks and the story was grabbed by all news outlets in Slovenia, to the chagrin of privacy advocates. The events took a bad turn a few days ago when the headmaster succumbed under the pressure and commited suicide. Now the process of media bashing has started as if old media had anything to do with the whole ordeal. Even if the traditional media would stay silent about the incident, everybody would knew what has happened as the event itself was much too interesting to people that they would resist the temptation to see the video of the headmaster and the professor in flagranti by themselves. The few traditional media that didn't report about the incident, while holding the moral high-ground at the moment, lost yet another battle with new media and become one step closer to total irrelevance.

I call the contemporary young generation the GoPro generation. The same inclination that makes young people today tape all their cool activities for posting on YouTube, makes them tape also all other events in their lives and surroundings, many of them highly disturbing. While the incident involving the headmaster and the professor caught national interest, there are dozens of such incidents happening in Slovenia right now on a smaller scale involving equally emberrasing footage or photos, but exchanged on a smaller scale by curious boys and girls interested in the (mis)behavior of their schoolmates and friends. A 14 year old girl with her intimacy revealed on Snapchat is in no less pain than the poor headmaster was. The difference might be just that today's youth is growing in much harsher environment than ourselves or our parents were so they are much better equipped to survive in the tough new online reality (but unfortunately not all of them do).