Green Book

Making health care more accessible and efficient is a trillion dollars opportunity. After leaving five years ago I was seriously considering joining this field but eventually choose Zemanta instead. Due to research I did at that time I knew a few Slovenian players trying to compete in this field, but I lost track of further developments. I heard about amazing feats that BellaBeat and Azumio achieved, of course, but I have little understanding of the vibrancy of the rest of health-tech community with Slovenian roots. That is until Gaja put a little green book on my table yesterday with short presentations of participants of that took place yesterday.

A green book is a highly compelling tool how to knit a more close community which otherwise would have little incentive to work together. By just listing people in the field and their basic description and interests Gaja and her team has provided a great catalyst for making many new connections happen and gave a big vote of confidence to the people in the field that they are not alone in their struggle to have more healthy people without skyrocketing health care costs. I think we can expect a Slovenian health-tech boom nine months from now :)