Every now and then at Zemanta we learn about a service that blows our mind and we start wondering how we could ever have lived without it. Trello was one such service and Slack another. Last week we've learned about FullStory and it seems this is another service which will fundamentally change the way we work. FullStory captures every user event thus enabling you to replay every user's session in full detail. So instead of logging events yourself and analyzing what has happened you get a "video" of user's session which succinctly demonstrates what worked in your product and what didn't for your users. I've always hated Google Analytics as a way to analyze user's behavior. It felt so limited and unnatural for analysis of trajectories that users take through your application. And with modern web applications where data is fetched incrementally and users interact with application by hovering mouse around, analyzing just click logs is awfully inadequate. FullStory, on the other hand, provides an experience to the product manager which is almost as if you'd be looking over user's shoulder.

Watching recorded user sessions is highly captivating. Rok, who introduced FullStory to us, spent many hours last week just watching sessions and imagining what all needs to be fixed in our application to reduce frustrations of our users. While doing proper user testing has the added benefit of implicit user feedback, FullStory has this tremendous advantage that user's actions are captured as part of user's normal routine. So even without user's explaining what he or she is trying to accomplish it becomes quite apparent in most cases what is user's intent and if your application is helpful to the user or not. So if you haven't yet heard of FullStory, check it out. I'm sure it will fundamentally change how you view your web page or web application.