Beautiful and Unique Snowflake

We all want to feel special and think of ourselves as beautiful and unique snowflakes in the center of the universe. That goes for software developers and product people too. We want the work we do to be a lasting monument to our existence and we want the users to feel our presence whenever they use our product. Steve Jobs is the messiah of this religion and there are very few people in the world who wouldn't want to follow his footstep. But truth be told most of the people don't give a shit about products they are using the most. How often did you contemplate the hard work people at power plants and electric distribution are doing in order for you to have electricity? Did you ever appreciate the intricacies of your mortgage plan that thousands of people helped develop? And how high do you think of tax collectors who go to work every day trying to find ways to get the money out of people's pockets in order to enable our society to function. Take a good look at your monthly expenses and you'll notice that most of your money is spent on things very few people can identify with and Steve Jobs would be ashamed to be associated with!

Human psyche is a funny thing. In New York you have hundreds of thousands of aspiring actors waiting tables for years and with no real chance to ever get a proper acting gig. Nonetheless they still think of themselves as doing much more important job than all the financial people on Wall Street and all the marketing people on Madison avenue who make millions of dollars and sit at the table the wannabe actors are waiting. From what I've seen in my life there are two clear paths towards riches: lots of luck or getting over an illusion that your an unique snowflake on a mission from god.