Hour of Code

Hour of Code is a non-profit initiative started last year that wants to promote programming as a basic literacy of the 21st century among children and underrepresented minorities (e.g. women and black and Hispanic people). The initiative got support from Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and other heavyweights of tech industry and managed to get 48 million students to try code something last year. This year the Hour of Code will take place between December 8th and 14th and the plans are more ambitious then before. The organizers got Malala, this year's Nobel prize winner, encouraging girls to learn to code, Disney letting them use Anna and Elsa from Frozen in programming examples, and they got a ton of other material helping kids and adults learn that computers are not something magical but a tool anybody can command.

But all this material is in English only and therefore won't be accessible to Slovenian children and most of Slovenian adults. Therefore an initiative is going on to translate all the materials in Slovenian and push "Hour of Code" in Slovenia, too, thus joining the global movement to make programming more popular and accessible to everybody. Several individuals have already started on this initiative and all others are very much welcome to join. If you decide to join the initiative, contact me and I'll get in you contact with the right people.