Coinbase "Tip" Button

Contemporary journalism is in a sad state of affairs. Internet has managed to unbundle newspapers which enabled in-depth journalism of the 20th century by bundling content people want to read with content they "need" to read (according to elevated caste of Editors and Journalists). By destroying financial underpinning of journalism the Internet has also tranquilized the watch dog that journalism is supposed to be in our society to keep tyrannic tensions of any sort at bay by rallying people against the common oppressor. The Internet has thus starved the watch dog of yesterday without providing a fresh alternative.

The alternatives exists, though; they just didn't prove themselves (yet) that they can garner wide support and work at sufficient scale to have a substantial influence on our society. One such system is a system of microdonations of which Flattr is the most famous. Instead of showing appreciation for the content you find worth consuming just by tweeting and sharing it, the idea of microdonations is to put your money where your mouth is. In Slovenia, the first such initiative is the Pod črto project which I support also myself by donating them 5 EURO each month.

But I'm an author also myself. While I monetize this blog through other means I'd like to put myself also in the shoes of authors who need independence in order to have a credible voice. So, when I've learned about Coinbase introducing a "Tip" button on Fred's blog I've decided to give it a try also myself on this blog. Starting from today you'll find a nice blue "Tip" button at the bottom of every blog post enabling you to donate a few hundred bits (300 “bits” is 0.0003 bitcoin, or roughy 10 US cents). The few bitcoins that I hope to raise this way will be further distributed to authors who really deserve it. The Coinbase's "Tip" button is also a great demonstration of possibilities enabled by a bitcoin and a great way to induce more people to start experimenting with a cryptocurrency.