Giving People Broken Tools

Tools are top priority! All people will agree with such statement and if they don't I just tell them the story of my grandfather who was a blacksmith and put great effort and pride in crafting his own tools to help him do his work more efficiently and effectively. But when it comes time to actually devise tools for internal use people tend to start cutting corners and develop half-baked tools that are not really operational nor functional.

Giving people broken tools is the worst one can do. They cannot really do their work using broken tools and they aren't really motivated to create their own tools since you've promised to provide them with tools they need. All they can do is complain. Which they do. A lot. Unfortunately at Zemanta we have a long history of providing our people with broken tools. It's a lousy tradition which is amazingly difficult to overcome, but the one we really must get rid off if we want to succeed.