Surviving in the Times of Global Brands

I was writing yesterday how American brands are conquering the world with the help of their entertainment industry making Americans richer and the rest of the world population poorer along the way. While I certainly have nothing against Americans (half of Zemanta team are Americans!) I'd still prefer not to be (economically) dominated by them. The only viable strategy to prevent American brand imperialism I've seen in China two years ago. First, China is one big unified market with common culture. Second, China has put on high barriers to entry of American brands (and, even more importantly, American entertainment industry) to China market. Third, China has developed or bought some very strong brands itself and you can expect to hear increasingly more about Li Ning, Lenovo, Tsingtao, and other Chinese brands also in other parts of the world.  Together this gives China a fighting chance against American dominance.

Europe would also have a fighting chance if European Union wouldn't be just a unified economic zone but would also develop a common culture expressed through European wide entertainment industry and mostly be consumed in English language which is de-facto lingua franca of EU. I know I've just uttered blasphemy for which many European "intellectuals" would crucify me. But even the biggest European nations (Germans, French) are too small for their cultures to support the needs of globalized brands so I don't see any other option but to further blend Europeans into one nation. My preference is definitely to be rich and Europeanised, than to be poor and Americanized. Unfortunately, I don't see any other option given the direction the world is moving to.