Business is Still a Very Personal Affair

95,000 advertising people congregates on Manhattan during the Advertising Week. This makes this event not just a perfect time to learn what's happening in the advertising world, but also a great opportunity to meet in person all the partners you're normally dealing with over video calls and emails since everybody is here in New York at this time. So David and me have been jumping up and down Manhattan and meeting various folks for coffees, lunches, and beers. While modern technology enables rich and instant communication, meeting in person still cannot be beat when it comes to transferring emotion and building trust. While you can get some of that through (video) calls and email, seeing the person visibly excited (or bored) by topic of discussion or sharing sensitive information makes for a very different experience.

While having market in USA and development in Slovenia definitely has some advantages, it also has this tremendous disadvantage that you have a reduced possibility of in-person interactions with other players in the market. In order to succeed in such a configuration, a company must put in great effort to build the bridges between continents. But in this global times when even small companies such as Zemanta operate over 9 time zones, there's no other way but to live with it and learn how to be successful in such configuration.