We love integrating our Slack with other services thus making Slack our central communication hub. While Slack provides out-of-the-box integrations with Trello, GitHub, PagerDuty, and several other services we use, there are still services which Slack doesn't support such as PipelineDeals, our customer relationship management service of choice. To bring our sales closer to product and engineering, I took over the responsibility of integrating Slack and PipelineDeals, but since this task required writing a custom integration it lingered in my to-do list for several months. Fortunately for me, PipelineDeals has come to the rescue by implementing support for Zapier which made integration PipelineDeals with Slack a breeze.

If you're advanced web/Internet user and you don't know Zapier (or its alternative, IFTTT) yet, a very powerful tool is missing in your toolbelt. While integrating disparate web services traditionally required programming expertize, Zapier enables anyone to interconnect 300 supported services using a simple graphical interface. For example, you can automatically store in a Google sheet every tweet mentioning your name, create Trello card whenever Pingdom triggers a new alert, or couple any other strange combination of actions that you can think of. While Zapier is currently used mostly to support esoteric user requirements not supported by the services themselves, I can well imagine it becoming the standard way of plumbing Internet services together and to automate any kind of task on the web. A powerful proposition indeed.