Freed from the Right Rail


I'm in New York this week. On a flight here I read IAB Native Advertising Playbook and there was a paragraph that caught my attention and I'd like to share with you.

There is a great deal of excitement about what “native” has brought to display advertising. First and foremost, display advertising has been freed from the right rail and leaderboard to which it has long been confined and now has license to settle anywhere on the page. Moving forward, display advertising will not be forced back into solely those positions. A corollary benefit of this move is getting advertising into the user’s natural activity stream—where print and TV advertising have always been.

In off-line world, media industry has successfully bundled editorial content with paid content provided by advertisers. In on-line world, content become atomized and accessed directly through search engines and aggregators. Traditional media industry has tried to surround the content with advertising but to their dismay readers quickly learned what is valuable content and what is irrelevant advertising. Google, Facebook, and Twitter have shown how to make billions of dollars by bundling organic with paid content, mostly in the form of stream. Publishers are now trying to replicate their success by making their own streams and filling it with "native" advertising. Especially on mobile devices that's their only option to survive as mobile banner advertising is a loosing game.