Summer School of Creative Technical Writing with John Biggs


Journalists are a very important part of any successful business ecosystem. They are the ones who help knit the community together and make it look cool in the eyes of wider society. Take for example fashion world and imagine it without journalists. All what would be left are stores with pretty clothes and occasional cat walks. But all the glamour would be gone and all the spicy stories kept behind walls of those in the know. Silicon valley learned from fashion, entertainment, and other successful industries already a long time ago, that creating and disseminating compelling stories about what you do and who you are (aka. content marketing at its best) attracts power, money, customers, and people alike. That's what got TechCrunch started ten years ago and that's what makes Silicon valley TV series so compelling today. I'm glad to announce that together with Netokracija we are organizing a summer school for students and young people at the onset of their career who have interest in technology, start-ups, and science and would like to spread the word about it to a general public. I'm even more glad to announce that the summer school will be led by John Biggs, a senior editor at TechCrunch, and one of the most experienced and influential persons in technology blogging in the world (and with a keen interests in robots, everything hardware, and bitcoin). More information about the summer school, which will take place from July 14th to 18th at the Faculty of Computer and Information science of University of Ljubljana, is available here. I hope this little effort of us will be another stepping stone towards making a great start-up ecosystem out of Ljubljana and surrounding region.