February 2nd, 2014. The day of the worst sleet in the history of Slovenia. We had Todd visiting and to show him around Slovenia I organized a trip to Škocjan caves. The underground canyon carved by the Reka river makes a perfect winter trip, even more so this time with the water high due to heavy rain. I visited Škocjan caves several times before, but my kids didn't see it yet, so I want them to join to show them something new and to spend a day with them. Tina and the older daughter had some other things to do, so only Flora had time to join the trip with me and Todd. Not understanding where I'm taking her, she rebelled that she wants to stay with her mom and sister. I insisted nevertheless, so despite tears we soon got on our way towards the caves. At the caves Flora made friends with the guide, marveled at the bats sitting on the ceiling, enjoyed the sight of swelled waters flowing through the canyon, had fun cleaning ice from the car, and overall had a very good time, as evident from title photo of this post. One of the less pleasant responsibilities of grown ups is to make decisions against the will of the kids. While it's certainly important to teach kids independent decision-making, they are not equipped to make all the decisions by themselves. Sometimes, to extend their horizons and to help them grow, you have to push them forward despite them stomping their feet.



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