The Roles They Are a-Changin'

I've spent the past three years managing Zemanta's engineering team. In this time we managed to assemble a world-class engineering team and implemented a process of the programmers, by the programmers, for the programmers. The tools and techniques that we use are state of the art, enabling us to build some amazing pieces of technology that are capable of handling tens of thousands concurrent requests per second. The one piece missing to propel Zemanta to the stars is a product customers would not only use, but couldn't live without. It is this challenge that I decided to tackle now, as I'm relinquish the role of VP of Engineering and taking over the role of VP of Product Development. I develop software products for the past 25 years. In this time I met many great engineers, but very few great product managers. Mladen Pržulj taught me attention to detail when I was still a teenager. Blaž Gostiša taught me how to keep developers honest but without meddling in their affairs. And Samo Login taught me that success can be result of deliberate action not just pure luck. For a long long time I avoided taking responsibility for building the right product and only concerned myself with building the product right. Not anymore!