Slovenian Start:up of the Year 2014

I spent last evening in Maribor attending the final ceremony of the competition for the best Slovenian Start:up of the Year 2014. I won't talk about the winners as I don't think winning a start-up competition has much correlation with future company's success. Or I'll talk about the winners, but say that we, the Slovenian society, are the real winners of this competition. Seeing 600 people in attendance and hearing about 126 start-ups joining the competition gives me confidence that there is enough entrepreneurial spirit in our society not just to keep us afloat but to propel us among the most successful nations of Europe. The measure of success of a nation is very simple. If people have the environment to fulfill their dreams in their own country and the country even attracts people from abroad, the country and its nation is successful. But if more people decide to leave a country than to join the country, it is an obvious sign that society is in decline. Slovenia has been for a long time the country of dreams for many people. That's what got my father coming to Slovenia from his native Bosnia. But in the past several years all the problems that were brewing for a long time, come to the fore full force. Seeing all the ambitious people yesterday gave me confidence that Slovenia is again on a rise, and that decline we have experienced for the past ten years is finally coming to an end.

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