Re-Weaving the Web

A hyperlink is the thread that weaves the web together. It has been Zemanta's mission from its founding to make the web more tightly connected. At first we've been doing that only by encouraging static linking between resources on the web, but over the past two years we are becoming increasingly involved in dynamic shaping of traffic flowing through the web, too. Migration from static to dynamic linking has required us to add many new skills and capabilities. If before we were only concerned with counting links and quality of sites including our links, with dynamic linking we had to learn how to count individual clicks, how to detect fraudulent traffic, how to assess traffic quality, and how to shape traffic flow so that it is as close to optimal as possible to the many stakeholders involved - reader, publisher, publishing technology provider, content ads provider, and advertiser. Todd, our CEO, likes to compare the nascent content ads ecosystem to the development of display advertising. I'm sure John Battelle had no idea what a big industry will be kick-started by him placing an advertiser's banner on HotWired two decades ago. Similarly, we have no idea what will come about from the things we're kicking-off today. What it does seem is, that something big is brewing.

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