The Mobile Generation

If I would found a start-up today I wouldn't rent an office but would let people work from wherever they please. It is not only that freedom of location represents a tremendous advantage in hiring, but more importantly, it requires people to actively seek interaction and not rely on physical proximity to foster communication and collaboration. If you were ever involved in a long distance relationship you'll know how much effort, passion, and care is put into organizing get-togethers and regular interactions through many communication channels that we have at our disposal in our connected age. I wouldn't expect, though, that working remotely would work for each and everyone. Very few of us have experience working remotely, and socialization of adults is still mostly done by requiring them to spend half of their waking hours in a controlled environment of factories and offices. Furthermore, our society is not really accustomed to people working from home, while coworking environments have started to pop up only recently. But millenials are the first mobile generation and it is really hard for them to understand why they should be chained to a desk, when their mobile phone connects to the Internet from anywhere in the world.