Computers passing Turing Test


It went largely unnoticed but last week Google announced that its computer passed Turing test. Some of you will argue that it was only limited Turing test and that all Google did was to break Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart, more commonly known as CAPTCHA. Some of you with knowledge of Google's technology will also argue that there's no intelligence in Google's computers, only lots and lots of data coupled with enormous computing power. But that's the story of artificial intelligence. Whenever something is feasible by computers, it is no longer considered intelligent as we understand how it is implemented and it is always implemented using a bag of dirty tricks without any romantics in it. But also human brain is nothing but a bag of dirty tricks. The only reason we consider ourselves intelligent is due to our ignorance of how we really function. If God would exists (he doesn't!), he would be disgusted by us thinking that any omnipotent being would create such a crappy device as is our brain. I very much hope that 21st century will bring a complete understanding of human brain, so that we can dethrone the final bastion of anthropocentrism - our minds. Only when we understand how brain works and are able to reimplement its capabilities in silicon (including consciousness) will we fully understand ourselves and our role in the universe. I'm pretty sure we can expect some big surprises, just as heliocentrism brought us theory of relativity, quantum mechanics, black holes, and exoplanets.

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