The Future of Software Development is in the Cloud

Most of software has already migrated to the cloud. I write this post using a cloud-based CMS, I use cloud-based email system, I edit documents in the cloud, and increasingly also processing of multimedia takes place in the cloud. All these systems are developed by programmers, so it's quite surprising to learn that programming is one of the last bastions of desktop software. While we use some cloud services (e.g. GitHub), most programmers still deal with files on their own machines and deploy the software they develop to real servers. I believe the days of developing software on your own desktop computers are coming to an end. The next Rails or Djangos (10 years old technology!) won't be some new application framework, but some entirely different paradigm based on the cloud. To see a glimpse of the future I used the long Easter weekend to play with (mobile) backend-as-a-service providers and in particular Kinvey. While not mature enough for serious applications yet (debugging issues is close to impossible), I've come away with a clear vision of future where everything you ever need for software development is your web browser. One can already develop a fully-fledged mobile or web application with a complex backend using Kinvey. Especially for programmers that only have experience with mobile and web programming having someone else care about web servers, databases, CDNs, and other technicalities is worth gold. I think programmers better embrace themselves for yet another change of paradigm (it will be my 4th in as many decades!) while sysadmins are better to start learning AngularJS, Bootstrap and other JavaScript technologies.

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