Zlata Nit Competition for Best Employer in Slovenia

Last year Zemanta participated for the first time in Zlata nit competition for best employer in Slovenia. While we did very well, other employers did even better, so we weren't included among the top 7 best employers in our category of small enterprises. But we were winners nevertheless, as the feedback we got from this survey has proven itself very valuable in showing us where we already do well and where we have some room for improvement. Participation in the competition is free of charge and it includes receiving overview of results, while more detailed reports are available for a fee (that's well worth paying). If you aren't a part of Zlata nit competition yet, I highly recommend you join and compare yourself with other Slovenian enterprises. The results of Zlata nit showed that according to the opinion of majority of Zemanta employees we are doing very well in every aspect evaluated in this survey. But for every question there were a few dissenting voices indicating that, for example, some people struggle with expectations on their performance, a few don't have all the right materials and equipment, and some would like to get more encouragement of their development. We will use this feedback to improve our practices and make Zemanta even better place to work. Not because we want to win Zlata nit competition (we wouldn't mind that, though) but because Zemanta employees deserve it!