Writer's Block


To be able to blog daily, I keep my blog posts simple. Each post is about a single idea and my opinion about it that I try to articulate in 2-3 paragraphs. Most mornings such approach works flawlessly. I either pick a topic from the list of ideas I keep or come up with something ad hoc and then I contemplate on the idea by writing about it. This is a great thinking tool and well worth spending 20-30 minutes each day doing it. But not today.

I wanted to write about the inadequacy of our school system for our day and age and I already wrote the opening paragraph. But I guess I wanted to tackle to big of an idea, as I just couldn't find the right articulation. After half an hour of struggling with the text, I had to finish since I had a meeting to attend.

So what does a writer do when facing a writer's block - you write about it, of course!