Wasting our Lives

Readers of this blog are all very talented people. Whatever you choose to do, you'll excel at it. But this blessing comes with a price attached as we all keep wondering if we found the best use for our talents or we are wasting our lives doing insignificant chores. Looking from afar success or failure is clearly visible, but at a close-up one sees mostly unrealized opportunities and hard work, while recognition and results are few and far between. A question always looms in our head will the current path lead me somewhere, or should I change course?

There's a place in Ljubljana called Špica where Ljubljanica river splits in two with one branch flowing through the city center and the other branch circumventing castle hill. A few kilometers downstream, at Kodeljevo, the two branches merge back together effectively making a river island out of Ljubljana's historic city. Imagine now that you are a young fish swimming from Vrhnika to Ljubljana for the first time. Seeing the bifurcation, you start banging your slimy head which branch to take. With river currents eventually forcing you to choose one of the branches, the frustration creeps in whether you might have a brighter life in the other branch. But few days later, as you finally arrive at Kodeljevo, you realize that you ended up on the same place regardless of which stream you would have taken.

For many years now I plan to put a sign on Špica to help young fish with their choice and ease their frustration. The sign would simply state "It doesn't matter".

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