Shifting Focus


This blog helps me think. For the past two years I have mostly been thinking about people, process, and technology. Consequently, this blog was mostly about software engineering in a start-up. But in the past couple of months, my focus has changed and now I spend most of my days thinking about the product. This has already resulted in shift in content of this blog more towards native advertising and content marketing, the two subject domains of the product I'm involved with. I'll still write a lot about software engineering matters, as they interest me dearly, but increasingly product related topics will creep in. I'm sure some of you will loose interest in my writings, but what the heck, it's my blog and I write what I want to :) I have avoided product development for a long time. It's a messy subject and failure rate is extremely high. And I have serious challenges understanding needs and desires of human beings. But on the other hand, I have quite a talent understanding organizations, which comes handy for the case of the second Zemanta's product, which we introduced last year and is more B2B focused. My days are now consumed by excessive amounts of customer support, which is in my opinion the best way to learn about the needs and problems of your customers. I hardly have the time to articulate the what and why should something be built, and certainly have no time to deal with how and who should build things. Fortunately, we have grown an amazing engineering team over the past couple of years, so I'm fully confident that they can take much more technical responsibility for building the product right, while I bang my head with the question what is the right product.