What is Slovenian Equivalent of Israeli Defense Forces


There were two cool Israelis speaking at DevopsDays Ljubljana and I spent quite some time talking with them. As we discussed the success of Israeli start-ups, the role of Israeli Defense Forces come to the fore time and again as it seems to be essential for making this country of eight million people the second biggest start-up hub in the world, trailing only Silicon valley. The two or three years that Israeli women and men spend in the army service are their formative life experience. They bond together, learn advance technology, and, most importantly, loose any fear of attacking much bigger enemy - the traits equally important in the world of start-ups. Institutions that could serve the same role as Israeli Defense Forces in our society, are the three Slovenian universities. The time spent studying is the formative life experience of most Slovenes, but unfortunately it doesn't prepare them best for the challenges of the 21st century. There are still too many students working long shifts during studies, too many students living with their parents, and too many students engaging in destructive behavior. I think our society should do much better job at providing students with more creative environment by providing more grants, less parking lots, more opportunities for studying abroad, and more places and opportunities where students could organize and be creative.