Be Awesome #devopsdays Ljubljana


If you haven't attended the 1st DevopsDays Ljubljana you've missed a great opportunity to be part of something awesome. First there was a great line-up of speakers. Andrew Clay Shafer is already regular at top-notch conferences such as Velocity, but at least the presentation of Avishai Ish-Shalom was on par with the best presentations I've seen at QCon in London last month. Second, the audience actively participated in the open-space part of the conference resulting in some great discussions. Having attendants actively participating is not something common at Slovenian tech conferences, just like it isn't common for employees at Slovenian tech companies to be actively involved in decision-making. I think this conference made a small step forward towards replacing cynicism in our society with more constructive courses of actions. A big reason for such successful outcome of the 1st DevopsDays Ljubljana was the presence of Andrew Clay Shafer*. Not only he delivered a great talk on what devops mean to him, but his energy inspired others to stretch themselves and their thinking. Judging from the response of the audience Andrew's presence will reverberate for a long time in our community. Big kudos to Tea and Andrei for making DevopsDays Ljubljana such a great event. Devops is about culture of cooperation and I think we have all set a great example what power a bunch of people coming together for a common goal commands.

*Big thanks also to Živa Gorup Reichmann from ComTrade, Tilen Travnik from D-Labs, Matthias Alder of Astina, and Gregor Rebolj of Klika for sponsoring Andrew's travel expenses