Announcing Context DSP


I’m in London today attending OMMA Native conference together with Andraž. After months of hard work we’re finally ready to announce the project me and Andraž were secretly working on for the past year and a half. It wasn’t easy to keep it a secret from our colleagues as we got more enthusiastic about the product with every passing day. But I’m sure our colleagues will understand the need for secrecy once they learn more about the great new product coming out today at OMMA Native.

Context DSP rides on the trend of the atomization of content, where individual texts, photos, songs, and status updates are shared without the wider context and are thus obliterated by irrelevant context. We have all seen our loved ones struggle understanding Internet memes, starring blankly at cat photos, or humming along a catchy song without understand its subvertive meaning. Such ignorance will soon be a thing of the past as Zemanta introduces Context DSP.

Context DSP is the best option for context providers to reach a wide audience and provide meaning and understanding to the atoms of content being shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other popular social networks. The Context DSP works by semantically analyzing the content and connecting it with the context provided by advertises affiliated with Zemanta. The Zemanta Partner Network includes brands such as Mercedes Benz, Williams Sonoma,, Staples Sweet Relish, The AP, Rant Sports and many other premium brands and publishers who are taking advantage of the new context marketing movement.

The Context DSP service will be available starting April 1st. Please check regularly for further information and service announcements.

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